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Our People

At FACT Co we believe you learn best and retain more when you are having fun, and with experienced trainers available nationwide, we can deliver First Aid Training at your premises at a time and date that suits you; delivered whilst minimising disruption to your business.

Our trainers are New Zealand Resuscitation Council Certified Instructors and experienced adult educators who enjoy their work, and it shows!

Our team of instructors receive continual professional development from our training development team, lead by Donevon Viljoen and Rick Eisenhart

First Aid Donevon Viljoen

Donevon Viljoen

Donevon is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to New Zealand in July 2015. He has been teaching first for the last 13 years, both in New Zealand and in South Africa. Donevon brings with him 7 years experience as an Ambulance Medic in South Africa.

He is a New Zealand Resuscitation Council Certified Instructor and takes pride in delivering his courses in a way that ensures that all his students can learn in a fun yet conducive environment to adopt the skills of First Aid.

When Donevon is not working he loves to spend time outdoors, tramping, biking and taking in the beautiful sights of New Zealand. He recently became a dad to his son, Oliver.

Rick Eisenhart

Rick has over 4 decades of experience in emergency services. He spent 25 years on the line as a firefighter in the United States, where he attained the rank of Captain before retiring from the service.

He moved to New Zealand in 2000 where his journey continued with the New Zealand Red Cross as a senior instructor for the next 16 years. Rick is a New Zealand Resuscitation Council Certified Instructor and is known for his humour, compassions and his ability to individualise courses.

Outside of work Rick still finds the time to help out in his local Fire Brigade in Governors Bay and reaches out to his community when they need him.

First Aid Rick Eisenhart

What We Look For

Many people think that training is as easy as knowing the subject matter and being able to communicate well. While you absolutely need both of these qualities, they’re hardly enough to make an effective trainer.

Our trainers continuously practice and develop qualities that improve their understanding of learner and organizational needs. They understand that the more they exercise these qualities, the better equipped they’ll be to deliver training with accuracy and precision, create an active learning atmosphere, incorporate current learning trends, and deliver training that change behaviour.

The capacity to listen, ask the right questions, and understand the needs of the learner is at the top of the list of things we look for in our trainers.

No two training sessions delivered by FACT Co are the same.

Whether that is the result of our pre-training needs assessment for group sessions, or by our team’s ability to respond and adapt sessions on the fly to make an individual course more effective for a group of learners; we deliver training that is effective.

Entertainers & Engagers
Turning training into a two-way street (rather than a one-man show) is at the core of what we do.

Being entertaining is a fantastic quality in any trainer, but getting learners to absorb and retain new skills goes way beyond entertainment.

For skill development to really happen, learners need opportunities to share their ideas, answer questions, and practice what they’ve learned. The traditional “top-down” lecture style simply isn’t effective for achieving meaningful learning, even if the presenter is a blast.

FACT Co trainers encourage learners to ask questions, get involved in activities, and be active in their learning rather than passively absorbing the material.

Our trainers deliver