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Workplace Vaccinations

Flu viruses change every year, so it is important to get an annual vaccination.

Get vaccinated early before the virus starts circulating. It can take up to two weeks to develop immunity. Transmission is via respiratory droplets and can spread quickly around the workplace. Vaccination is your best investment you will make in protecting your work force.

Flu In New Zealand

  • Workers with the flu will be away from work for an average of 6 days
  • They will be infectious for two days before becoming unwell and staying away from the workplace, speeding the virus around the work place
  • More than 40 per cent of hospital and GP-tested samples were positive for influenza
  • The flu vaccination reduces the risk of getting the flu by around 60 per cent

Why Choose FACT Co

  • Vaccinations carried out at your workplace or at our facility with as little disruption to the day as possible
  • Vouchers available for redemption by staff unable to attend on the day
  • Competetive pricing


1 to 19 People

$37pp +GST

20 to 49 People

$35pp +GST

50+ People

$32pp +GST


$39 +GST

for those who cannot attend on vaccination day

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